Who is RojaHost?

We exist to provide you
with the best webhosting
services available while
fiercely protecting your
online freedom.


Our Story

RojaHost is a high-speed, reliable and security-focused web hosting and website builder service offered by RojaTech, LLC, a technology company based in North Carolina, USA.

We are concerned about the ongoing efforts of some Big Tech companies, political entities and movements to stifle free speech, especially on the internet. We believe in an internet where the open exchange of ideas thrives, and where ideas flourish or die based on their merit, not the power of those behind them. We are passionately pro-First Amendment.

As a Christian-owned company, RojaTech, LLC believes in freedom of religion for people of all faiths. RojaHost is for individuals and organizations, many of whom are faith-based, who are concerned about being de-platformed on the larger webhosting services. Such groups and individuals include:

– Political or religious activists and organizations.
– Businesses selling “controversial” legal items (guns/ammunition, cannabis, nicotine/vaping products, etc.)
– Churches, schools, and faith-based non-profit organizations.
– Anyone of any faith or political view who is concerned about being censored on other platforms.

All are welcome to use this service. We only ask that you comply with the laws of the United States of America. We value free speech in all its forms and welcome anyone who values their freedom online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently provide all our customers with high-quality, fast-speed web hosting while standing on guard against all forms of censorship.

Our Vision

It’s scary to see how uniform and rigid the Internet is becoming thanks to rampant agenda-setting and censorship by Big Tech corporations and governments. Our goal is to allow the Internet to once again become a worldwide market of ideas, instead of a place where the “wrong ideas” get you banned. 

We are here to give you the online freedom that you deserve.